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And it really your whole Rev al Sharpton and we are back after all of our agents in I'll calls doctor Hutchinson over the weekend we lost former congressman John Conyers noon we had an extensive ugh extensive amount of work to study your reflections on John kind well a couple of things June struck me right away about John Conyers woman that was a pioneer of one of the of the founders of the congressional black caucus been a fighter for decades not years but decades never back down when they came to a principal civil rights battle at the forefront of the law the struggles on legislatively and a lot of the change that came in the civil rights era of the other but the two things always remember about John Connors politically reparations remember revenue of Judea early on I mean well actually three things reparations John Conyers push that push that push that long before it became any kind of national and still yeah and kept pushing that the other thing is he never got the bill through but every year he essentially proposed a bill on police abuse accountability in other words when this then we still have that problem many police agencies either don't report on the report uses or incidents of violence and the statistics are very patchy and so John wanted a national a systematic national system requiring police departments to report report all of their incidences of the use of force in that came up every year in the congressional bill of course it with no where but it make any difference John beans on just like reparations he kept pushing that the other thing was doctor king's holiday we gotta give credit to John he was the first in the door with the bill liteline minutes after doctor king was assassinated well John Conyers introduced a bill making the king holiday making Dr king's birthday a federal holiday in the course of two years but none the less he's a good victories Robert Allen I think younger generations the younger generation that things that they have started a lot of things have to look back and reflect and be aware they actually did not just building on people individuals he rolls of solid figures historical figures like a John Conyers and we have to emphasize that to the younger generation all right let's go to the phones that start in Cleveland W. E. R. E. with Joe Joe you're keeping it real wood Hutchinson and shopped Monica mon eight jun on the mine are you you know how are you I shall write right now instead of focusing on me that you not dispatched instead of focusing on what Donald Trump okay it is a lie I'm sorry so that being that he did it with the democratic leaders I'm not going to reach much attention that portion what are my opponent what I'm paying attention to it when he one this state now this page comes from the oval office setting we are there we're not leading B. R. rejecting the boy as with Arnold trust dance with Donald Trump every American citizen now there have been many Waller's better at all buy American that they have lost their lives and of course he was traded ads democracy well we knew a lot of us knew that democracy yeah right shoulder there fighting for oil hi our military or corporate corporate has to report now they can they can come down with all of the nationals and such as that of course we deal with that those issues but who are we saying the restraining the sons and daughters fathers and mothers of American to die or trap corporate insurance insurance corporate sure every time necessary to secure facility that are very rare Nicole Shea soon work out there what your bottom line or if they want to just because of course our military is strong I'm talking about our military people lack or toilet seat what does it cost for one of our military law okay I'm straight time there is a corporate interests that are you at the America our merit you know what share the sport we ran a lot of those bullets we want okay well it repaired a lot for those two molds we want right well those two modes we wish you a form of our military we want money back but that was that all calls and I'm not talking about the natural resource that you're gonna stay out I'm talking about corporate bottom line it died for corporate interests one of it might sound but the thing is that that's what we are not asking for we are going to research this study right and hello all of Bob's ended background of money and why background of money for that every American citizen I have three axes but by and that American why that's not going to through America that's why we want okay and we want it and you think man lives in dollars now the corporation is going to look at their bottom line a little different I think that's what the president well I think we should do you live I thank you for your call Joe dot dot zoo we had just because there's business ventures that he could really said was going to leave the military American military they're all about the oil even even try to hide it you know in the past with the exception of World War two the last with many historians who say it is the last legitimate war with the exception the World War two just about every war or that the US is engaged in whether real war brush fire an invasion police action I love that one right right now transaction the hidden hand has always been some economic slash financial slash corporate interest I mean the I I can't tell you how many leases of books and studies have been done on this that have connected the dots between military intervention in that particular area in corporate interest I mean it's almost not block rocket scientist anymore the unique thing about trump he didn't try the harder you just say that that's what it's about and in the words of Mulvaney get over it yeah let's go to Indiana Sirius XM one twenty six to Jimmy Jimmy hello well bill browser okay mug okay I have no illusions about the Holocaust intelligence of his motives okay motors our commitment hello this is not a small required is there a higher commission smarter five students in schools this okay what do you do when they are talking about any Johnson the didn't come through this this this comp was knowledge because that using racism yeah the nickel dental office okay get older son of a gun it'll be nice it'll be nice it is only interested also on what this is about in the last Mr some history the complaints run mass you give them every saying there is a limit Williamson the cocoa clan and to read now we altered the money in our communities our communities options on how to do things that communities are stopped going also given the the insole a what you call back global global map but on your community in your community help you okay is when they're going to school do homework yeah Golden met both hands up Brandon you built plans we come out okay you know I don't I'm not going for it I'm sorry it ain't happening if you walk around street don't talk to me just office hang in now okay glad today I'm sorry but it also guarantees which this course is the worst ever three eighty eight from ignorance it was the American people took a left also like this is okay well let me say this is Jimmy thank you for you because I I you know Dr diligence in at the gym with sort of some well you know I I wouldn't get into a whole lot of name calling from because I'd just rather not do that but I could barely look when he was speaking yesterday I just finished my son a motor radio show on the way to preach and I stopped in the office and watched is speech announcing of the killing and raid at is in Barry's in this whole delivery talk I mean Jimmy is right it did to it he doesn't even have the language and.

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