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You know, and the other things maybe you have inherently working against you in this particular case, your peers are going to be more sensitive to that again, not fair. But it's part of your reality. So just understand that. That's the case. That's all I'm saying but shout out to magic seriously. I'm not if that's not sarcastic. That is like, yo, that's the way you handle it. Oh, push. You. Thank you. Eight seven seven seven ten ESPN eight seven seven seven seven three seven seven six. Also that Dwayne Wade event was Charles Barkley who said a lot of things one thing which will get to in a little bit about Luca Danni, which which I think was kind of funny, and I'm curious to get the audience's reaction to that. But he did say this now, this is not the first time he said this, but he is very much in line with the thinking of the Lakers are toast this year. I think Magic Johnson's rob the ball by letting all this speculation become so public and not speaking to team will mean with them sooner. I think on Thirdly with Luke Walton is planning everybody's mind. I think all those distractions will be the end of the Lakers making the playoffs. So he doesn't think the Lakers are gonna make the playoffs. I do agree with the stuff. He said prior to that. But I will hit the pause button. I've said this repeatedly I still think the Lakers are going to be in the playoffs. Not only do. I think they're going to be in the playoffs. I think they're going to be the seven seed and LeBron because the ride eight always smooth as I've told you it's It's a a ride. ride, and I think it's fun. I know that being under five hundred doesn't sound fun. But now it just builds for it just makes the plot thicker and more interesting for me because I'm curious. I've never seen the do not make the playoffs. You know, obviously when he was rookie of second-year player, that's different. But I'm talking about when he was this, dude. Even coming off an injury. I've never seen this. So I expect him to be the seven seat, and I expect him to drag this team to the Western Conference finals, and then they can lose in four or five games to the warriors. But I expect them to get to that point barring another injury to LeBron. Let's go to Robert in Palisades, which Robert our in my friend. I must respectfully vehemently disagree with you about the Lakers making the playoffs. And I have one question for you. And that's this okay. In order for the Lakers to make the playoffs. Forget the seven seat. That's a real pipe-dream. Okay. But the most to me preposterous by dream to make eight seen that will have to go about eighteen and five or nineteen in five something like that over the next twenty four games. Maybe maybe seventeen and seven they haven't done that the entire year when the brand was healthy and had Zo. What makes you think? What have they shown lately? This is my question..

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