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I never thought that way coach i mentioned this last week like you said i had a very clear understanding of what i wanted to do and i was one of those people that believe as long as i worked as hard as i possibly could at it and did the right things with everything that i did it was going to happen in my belief was if i did that stuff and it didn't happen then it wasn't meant to be but i was not going to be the guy that looked back i can't tell you how many times i've got friends who've called me and said i wish i would have wished i would have done more work i wish i would have been more committed i wish i would have sacrificed more i wasn't going to be that guy i was going to die trying and you know i remember having some conversations with coach ed of my town yukon even our academic people talking about school and whatnot and i said and i was very clear and this wasn't the right thing to say time but i was like listen guys my main goal is to come here get my education and go play in the nfl it was not to come get my education see what i wanted to do or plan set up for myself after football i wanted to go play in the nfl and i wanted to do it for a long time at a high level and so i had to exact conversation with my democrats third and she made that comment don't put all your eggs in one basket and i told her in literally like with my hand made the gesture of my eggs are in there already in so i i didn't want an out i that might have been the incorrect thinking at the time i didn't wanna give myself out i just i knew that as long as i stay focused and on that one singular goal that i truly believe that i would get there and if i didn't i would cross that bridge when i when when it happened if it happened but i didn't want i didn't want to or three option to say okay if it doesn't work out i was gonna make it work out and you know i was fortunate to stay.

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