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I'm just as shocked as you are a juror a 71yearold man by the name of lauren wilhelm was not particularly well behaved during a trial presided over by screened arc in december vice reports today that screen acc a conservative running for the state supreme court ordered wilhelm to go to jail for his outburst during jury selection in december what happened was that spread the quiz overseeing a three day trial for a man named john lomax a guy from the wisconsin dell's facing forty felony counts of possession of child pornography during jury selection on the very first day wilhelm payload out his thoughts on the case lomax is lawyer joseph viney said as far as he can remember wilhelm said something to the effect of this is bleep the guy is guilty and this is a waste of time well that outburst vine he said the remarks tainted the jury pool the judge should start the process over the prosecutor disagreed eventually judge agreed with the assistant district attorney but first skripnik decided to question wilhelm he was juror number thirty six the online record reflects that spread accent court has juror who spoke out come into the courtroom and testify from the witness stand ray what he said in court earlier judge was not happy court admonishes number thirty six court finds him in contempt in orders he sipped in jail until seven thirty a m tomorrow courts security takes number thirty six in the custody.

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