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Austria Italy and other countries they're following suit as well Joe Biden is picked up another endorsement from on top of that a politician with lieutenant governor Kate Marshall announcing that show back the former vice president's White House bid Marshall joins two of the states for US house members dina Titus and Stephen horse Fordham backing Biden Marshall says she plans to campaign with Biden Monday in Reno what university drama department is bringing the tragic deaths of stage plays inspired by the death of both of John Moore who was shot and killed by a former Dallas police officer like never explain also John's death made headlines worldwide a former Dallas police officer convicted in his murder after she said she mistook his apartment for her own and shot him thinking he was an intruder now theater students at TCU in fort worth or portraying the story in a play titled four below it began as a ten minute claim it is now eighty one hour one act play and is in transition said being a four planks please T. C. U. professor a Bon pan hopes the production which is already debuted will serve as an agent for social change Clayton level down one of the remaining USS Arizona crew members who survived the nineteen forty one attack on Pearl Harbor is died Donald Stratton passed away in his sleep ninety seven I'm only Francis this is a commercial announcement billionaires are big players in the twenty twenty race and they're spending hundreds of millions maybe billions to stop president trump every.

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