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No way winded become serious? Whoa yeah that that. That conversation was just made even the office of the Tommy tender from his desk and he says you interested in this business and I'll say what why The answer probably saved all these talk boy. He was asking me and he says well. We know you interested in making this year on and I said I'll never really given it much thought on a shine So yeah as I said I wonder why. Give it some thought and spoke to my dad and spike to Agok odd who is a bit of a mentor of one? He's helped out educating these and we worked in some social enterprise stuff early on and when I was at union tried and areas like that. So he's always been one of those kind of entrepreneurial and just interesting guys that you always go to for good. Chattan so yeah. I'll lay down a couple of paypal in off the top of the decision. Eventually that was great opportunity. And let's give it a guy who was surreal Tom. Obviously but and it's it's surreal. It's still surreal. Sometimes to think you know the the media owner in one of the world's most cities your media Barrett Fail Shiny. Stir themselves as a media. Mogul I'm not sure what I've said to Lauren. That their fee things that we're feel like I've made it in life and money's not one of the things that thing is there's two things actually one would be to buy back then kneels cosmos because my grandpa said that originally told the other would be to have a competing. I don't know how to do this because we have. Our family has published the first Sunday newspaper in Australia. And it got picketed by the Herald Weekly Times in the union and send them Brooke. Sorry there's something. Dad like is a bit of a Funky of the Herald Weekly Times. Something just want to own. Maybe it's the Herald Sun may be able to buy the Herald Sun To if you turn around well to be honest is doing better than the Ijssel. Maybe I could buy the age but there's a thing though that I remember Warren Buffett. Say that every time the knock. It gets quite mature. There's only two newspapers that survive and eventually one kills off the other leads into this conversation about. Because I suppose to to reverse for a second you know. Bat Mark Thinking and decision making around to our tycoon over what is predominantly print media business in two thousand eighteen. Whenever was making the decision. Because you know everybody who's not necessarily in media assumes that digital's life Owen prints dead and yeah spies on on that on that thought process. You know there's been some really encouraging. Assigns lightly and the resurgence of print media and not just not just print media but sort of lock old school ways of doing things. Like how you walk into a job off on and they've got to final section you know so the say day is now obsolete and papal. Yes everyone's on spotify but people still love that tactile experience of putting a record on a charge to you know on a turntable listening to an album. And it's like the sign is within reason as within reason existed in a in a specific incident nation machen hop local. People love getting the newspaper now box at their leisure bridge spanning out of flick through. What's happening in the neighborhood? What's the only thing I would read when I lived in the city? You know you get all that stuff. Delivered team box would actually look forward to reading this thing and I think that there is that element with local news. The people still really enjoy it. They WANNA see. That's one thing although media has and this probably comes the business model of local news like the opportunity for local news is still the even the Google and facebook if destroyed in a way the media because of that basically taken advertising or advertising small businesses and a lot of that state national news is co become quite transactional and this. It's like a an esteemed publication like the New Yorker or destroy 'em where the owners unit for power. Nothing exactly so I I found it really interesting. Are we saying before that? Were chatting. The land technically meteors another one. Where they've sort of niche down whether it's Tikka sports or community or crime and focus on those areas in America and that seems to be what's working. The exit speaks to people on an individual level. Exactly like my my when I heard about this. He has this podcast and business of content. He was saying that it's so annoying. It was actually this test by a lab the media lab at Mit about how localized news would would increase engage. Rights by like thirty percent. Said you could localize notifications push notifications runoff fine. So that if you in an area would hit you with the relevant on signs businesses advertising on Social Media Guy you know default on what demographic so they're even wanting to localize so then you know so when you're thinking about you know what the future of hop local newspaper in Inner City Melbourne than you think. Well the fact that are targeted and the fact that Saturday residents are always gonna be interested in what's happening in the survey as general general principle and naturally there's always enough advertising to follow because people understand that connection and they're on the side message connecting to sign raiders. Because you know the adds bank presented on the same page So I think I think always stem back to with any may not just as you know the future sort of local Authenticity like you saw. Think when you turn on the news or you flick in the Herald. Sun Doesn't immediately always speak to. You might be interested in what's happening. I think everybody's curiosity always.

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