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Manny Diaz certainly is in a way that I don't think Mark richt ever could have been. So I'm curious to see if he is able to somehow reinstitute that swagger at Miami. I feel sort of intangible, and hopefully, it's a good way tie. We have breaking news. If you wanna play that sound if you have that sound on your board. What is it with the first pick in the twenty nineteen fantasy things draft? Denver was seen has selected many D as father was the mayor of my. I just wanted to get in on that pick in late February. I'm going to our list. Please add it an attitude. I running list jot down. Okay. Moving on. The only Alabama themed sound that. I have here is we crack into the top three again sort of hinted at this one before, but Alabama assistance again leaving in mass. This is becoming more of a feature than the bug. Yeah. So where do we stand on how this affects Nick Sabin, Dan? Where we stand is this. We know I think it's it's been answered. Yeah. I mean is this should this be talking point now in twenty nineteen it clearly worked out. Okay. Yeah. Asked year Nick Sabin clearly proven that he knows how to manage a situation with a lot of coaching turnover. Mom, is there any reason for concern here at all? No, I don't I don't think there's any reason because over and over year over year. I mean, how many former Sabin assistance are head coaches right now or coordinator somewhere on both sides of the ball. He brought in a number of well known enough. Coaches. I didn't call flood is running the offense of line Sark as the offensive coordinator Pete Golding who was there last year. I think it's going to run the defense, I suppose along with Nick Sabin Charles Kelley who ran the defense at Florida state south on Sarah, who's a former linebackers coach for Nick Sabin way back when there's a number of familiar names. So this specific class of coaches, I'm not terribly worried about I'm more concerned about is there a way to to picture to envision Alabama downfall that is not related to then except just got bored. The fire turned out. Okay. I don't talk. If it's not coaching attrition. I don't know what it is. You're talking about some sort of rising threat in the SEC. I imagined I imagine it's I mean, we'd know the clear threat right now is Georgia, but they're not in the same division. They don't have to play them, you know, after a tough game or sandwich between tough games and October something like that. It's not that weakened weak out challenge that the SEC west has. Has been certain years not every year. So my question to you right now is what will what would what will or would contribute to Alabama's demise quicker? And that is having that almost on equal footing power like Auburn has been occasionally or LSU has been occasionally or having that depth of division in having the Mississippi the Mississippi schools, look very good having JIMBO do really good things at AM having Arkansas become sneaky feisty with Chad Morris. Do you think it's depth of pretty good or having that to-to-to soup? I think it's division. I think it's depth to be honest because we'll when you've got the depth. You've got a constant threat of being knocked off on any given Saturday Noakes off, right? Yeah. And I think that probably puts more of a strain on the dynasty than anything else. Just having weakened weak out difficult competition. Now, you could make the case. That it's still pretty damn tough to play in the SEC germs in the SEC west, even if they're not logging many wins some of their other competition around college football, still pretty damn good. But my answer I think is always depth on that front. Yeah. That's what we what we've seen with Alabama struggling with Mississippi State a couple years ago losing to ole miss losing tech Sam they didn't lose to excellent teams. They lost two very good teams..

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