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Those similar story. Beats kind of fall into western books and see them become popular because of that. And i think that allows readers to say. Oh well if you'd like fence you should check out. Check out hiroko basketball. And i know you have to kind of read it. You know right to left left or right. But it's got the same kind of feeling in same kind of hype and people are like hold on a second i can. There's how many chapters of this i can this. How many volumes of this and would like this binge binging mentality that i think people have and they're like i only want to read a completed series like here. Here's forty volumes of this basketball among enjoy. That's that's really exciting to me. Because it's more people branching out in trying new books and yeah. I think that's that's it. That's another thing that makes me excited. I don't know. But i guess if i had to say like my final point on this the thing that keeps me the most excited about comic books is talking to other people about comic books if only because like one we have this podcast. That is strictly started. Because i wanted to talk to my friends about comic books and now we have like this discord server and we have that were friends with on twitter in on good reads like it's it's insane..

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