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I was kind of a mess just mentally and physically and And so it took a couple of months and then kind of had a that. Wake up moment you know. One of my daughters said on the floor. She wants to play and and daddy's just a mess And and so. I remember going up in looking at myself in the mirror and just like attitude better. I have to figure this out. And you have to big yourself up and move forward and and from that point on i remember finding spartan race Near me which was kind of my introduction back into gidon physically fit and a shape again and then really just started having conversations are with people and started having seen a therapist and and talk it out doing those kind of things that that That helped me through and help me recognize that. I didn't have it all figured out math that i needed to to to not only work on the physical but also needed to work on the bench. So how old was your daughter in that moment. Because there's gonna be some irony here that were recognizing my own story. So i wanted to know how old she was. She was about to solo story. I was turning thirty. And i remember going into my daughter's bedroom one night and looking at her in the is she was sleeping and i was like. How can i lead you into your life. If i can't leave myself through mine exactly and it was a really crappy question and doesn't have any good answers. It's kind of a rock bottom type question. And the crazier part is used talked about having conversations which is something so level one point. Oh that we almost overlook something that can actually change us and for my story. Someone came into my life and gave me the question. If you want to result in your life you never had you to do something you've never done and for me. That was friends. And i was like. Why don't i have friends and that was like well..

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