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The first objective study on the matter from researchers at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center finds a strong association Between not moving and cancer death but replacing just 30 minutes of sitting with physical activity every day to make a big difference. Light intensity activities such as walking resulted in 8% reduction in risk. Moderate intensity activities. Things like bike riding, water aerobics dancing, gardening tennis resulted in the 31% drop. This is really good news because these harm reductions are totally achievable. Sit less move more. Sanjay Gupta, helping you live a better life. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language like French? Spanish? Russian thought it would be too difficult and time consuming than go to babble dot com and try it for free battle works because it's built around really life. It teaches you everyday practical conversations that you will actually use in 15 minutes a day. You'll be on your way to speaking in new language in just a few feet. Babble uses a modern conversation based technique that makes language engaging fun. And memorable. It starts by teaching your words and phrases, Then sentences gradually get more complex. You're practicing short conversations about real life topics battles created by language experts who used the space repetition method to help you learn quickly and remember what you weren't with battle. You can speak a new language. Language for life. Now try babble for free. Just go to babble dot com and start learning a new language. Today. That's babble dot com B A B b e l dot com Today are like little cities full of different Internet ing burrows.

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