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Cuba or visit office depot dot com slash save name ap radio news hi jackie quinn congressional investigators are looking into a meeting in moscow in june between two men who attended a separate gathering at trump tower last year it's a meeting that involved president trump's oldest son the associated press has learned that both men were questioned about why they met in the first place and whether there was an effort to get their stories straight about the trump tower meeting special counsel robert muller's team is also investigating that meeting the white house defending president trump for tweeting out against a queue senator al franken even though trump faces similar accusations when he was a candidate it was the tape that royal last year's presidential race jon bon access hollywood since two thousand five talking about sexually harassing women understood jason them imagine when we restore they let you do it you can do anything he faced more than a dozen sexual harassment allegations and dismissed them all as fake news threatening to sue the went in after the election has not happened the president's mostly stayed silent about roy more but blasted al franken on twitter shortly after the allegations against sudan energies of vocal critic of his administration saga magoni washington after an outcry from animal rights groups president trump now says he's delaying a new policy that would allow import the body parts of sling elephants the white house says the president will review all the conservation fax the mayor of west chester pennsylvania said some residents of a senior living community that caught ablaze last night are still unaccounted for the search continues for a man who shot and killed a baltimore to active this week mission alvin davis says the officer's gun had been fired it's possible the suspect was he's still probably you in the community and there's a very real possibility update being looked after illtreated there's a reward for information leading.

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