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Capitol Hill with testimony from diplomats William Taylor and George can't and Jonathan Terry guess correctly gets couple tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra the Tacoma dome listen for the come all afternoon sound bite weekday afternoons at four forty noril'sk variety around come on just go with our propellant sure it's money update new closing highs for the Dow industrials today the blue chip index rose ninety two points and though they just two points the S. and P. five hundred also notched a fresh closing highs the nasdaq composite east four points for the second time in a month an executive at Boeing commercial airplanes has been dismissed the company said it is replaced Linda mills as vice president of communications with Conrad son affected immediately mills for several months had been at the center of the crisis related to the two deadly seven thirty seven maxi jet crashes that resulted in the planes being grounded don't get excited cosco is not giving away any seventy five dollar coupons there's a hoax that pops up occasionally on social media and severely back again but the warehouse club operator says don't fall for in a Facebook post the company said well we love our fans and our members this offer is a scam and in no way affiliated with cosco that's your money now I'm Jim Tesco como nos center money news is sponsored this time by T. mobile for business helping keep businesses connected from corner coffee shops to cafes halfway around the world with data and texting included in more than two hundred countries and destinations more at T. mobile dot com slash business and your money news a twenty and fifty past every hour right here if it's time we're running the health insurance survey right now and here's a question to our listeners do you personally write the checks for your family's health insurance bill every month okay are you frustrated because your health insurance premium is costing you as much or more than your mortgage but.

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