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I'll never feel what i didn't realize when i had so much insulin running through my body was that i was blocking this hormone called leptin leptin tells your brain that you've had enough food to stop eating and the only thing that blocks that message is insulin and what raises insulin sugar and flour products so this meal plan eliminates sugar and flour products and it helps to extinguish cravings so once you've made a decision that you're gonna put down your trigger foods that act like drugs what are you left with cravings in urges i also have a great little three steps he teach heck meek to help people feel calm and confident in the face of a craving because cravings compete immediate tens any produce a lot of anxiety and i know for myself i would always start on some crazy diet and always feel as soon as the craving started because for some reason i just wanted to live a life with no cravings and that's not necessarily possible but what is possible is you know early on cravings will seem very demanding like a sledgehammer but as those neuro pathways weaken right because a lot of eating habits and euro pathways neurons of arctic either wire together habits of forms as you weaken those narrow pathways the cravings come less and less than today yes i still have cravings but they're more like whispers as opposed to just loud main demand wow and you're able to kind of be like okay this is just the whisper take a deep breath this is i don't need that craving to survive i don't need that creating to be right i have other things and i really help my clients see that cravings is just your dictum voice lying to you what is the lie in that craving you have to have it or you know it's it's different this time or you know what you can have one cookie with the package way like recognizing what the lie is you don't have to fall for it 'cause when you.

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