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We probably to the draft. I'll be doing a draft soon. Then dan how's draft the back to our on october. Okay well hurry the fuck up. We need it now We have the raw women's championship nikki ash versus charlotte flair versus replica of course charlotte winds because they want her to stay reasons. So charlotte charlie win. She's her neurologist. Champion y'all got a bunch of booze tonight because you know adults don't understand the bad. She's a she's meant for the kids. But you know common sense would tell you that we ripple look weak here This was a burrowing triple threat match. And actually you're telling me you hate triple matches lately day. Yeah yeah it's not hasn't been My my cup of tea for quite some time though. These are these people who nikki ash or the same people who go to literally games and bouquets for striking out this is. This is how how venomous people grown adults can be to boo woman. That's not even for you as watching luca and be like lucas are fucking fucking comeback. But turning on his people's like that. I can't stop for you. It's not for you. You care that charlotte one no does the raw division women's division matter to you it does when when there's a healthy rotation in it instead of seeing the same bullshit insane fucking matches all the time. It's it's needs needs india. Redo i think severely. I think i think we need a few new faces on raleigh accord aci. I think we need a tony. Storm needs to go to rana. Why tony storm with the smackdown. I i have no idea. I think rodney's shotsie black friday ronnie a whole new slew of women desperately. I'll even fuck it. Yo fuck it. I'm sorry. I wanna bring i know they wanna do were i know. They want to put her on xtra now. I think kayleigh rasiah koldo. I think she's ready. I we need. It's bad you knows when. I seen the talia every week. He's gonna be doing a little dance again for a little bit so of next week. Edge versus seth rollins edges ring entrance with amazing. Bring back of rude throwback rising out of the state so long by fire as the nineteen nineties brew music played over.

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