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California coast, especially at least until Wednesday. Believe across the L A area we're looking for 3 to 6. Ft. Height swells mixed Out of the South and West Cool water temperatures, But we're looking at a range between 57 70 degrees now along the Ventura County Coast, excited to bring this to you, the cooler temperatures just below 60 degrees. 36 FT Height sets about seven FT Water temperatures about 60 ft. 60 degrees. I should say the rip current risk is moderate. But we do have a high surf advisory and a beach hazards that are still in the forecast, at least until Wednesday. So across the coast. Another thing you'll notice low clouds and fog, a big factor current conditions. At this hour on this Monday morning. Good morning to you, by the way, 69 degrees in San Bernardino 62 in Santa Ana. We put the future forecast in motion and we'll see the increasing influence of that marine layer, especially as we get through the day. Today. And then tomorrow in the overnight hours tonight into early Tuesday morning, we'll see widespread marine layer but that will eventually recede and then become a factor again in the overnight so essentially the overnight and morning hours. We'll see that marine layer making its return to our forecast. Santa Clarita 98 degrees for you today, Al Monte 92. To macular 96. Your San Fernando Valley 70 forecast. Look for sunny skies high of 97 85 by Thursday. Thursday, potentially the coolest day of the week in Orange County. That means about 81 degrees. We should see high of 88 degrees for today. So that is the latest on your forecast at 4, 48 and Ginger. Of course. You missed the VMAs. You go to bed early. You're really disciplined. Like six o'clock yesterday was early for me. I know. But then you always end up waking up at like 8 30. What happened? Good morning, Everybody. Yes, you waking up, whatever it is that you did last night. You're up in your atoms. So let's go ahead and help you out so we can talk.

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