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My favorite part is really that there's a cell phone charger like i was stuck at the airport not too long ago and i thought that i had charged some extra batteries in my book bag and i didn't end it was like oh it's actually built into the luggage like charge my phone a couple times and that was that was really incredible in the materials like sleek and durable the interior design as well as the exterior design and it's broken up into compartments in the interior so there's like a zipper par there's like a part that's strapped down it it really does up to the hype in skeptical bondings but this one was it both sides of the carry on are able to charge all cell phones all of them tablets ereaders anything else that's powered by a usb cord a single charge of the awake carry on we'll charge your iphone that's what i use five times that's crazy if anything breaks away travel will fix a replace it for you for life carry on sizes are compliant with all major us airlines while maximizing the amount you can pack if you're in town please be sure to visit away at their retail store in new york city i don't even know the retail store need to go to the retail store that needs to be like med except i thought they were holding this is awesome every twenty office you case you can visit a way travel dot com slash people and use promo code people during checkout that's a way travel dot com slash people and used from a co people during checkout now we're talking about better again today because taxis has passed and hopefully you got a little bit moneyback betterment is a largest oma financial buys designed to help customers bill wealth plan for retirement anti financial goes in other words their mission is to help customers make the most of their.

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