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Hey welcome to short stuff. I'm Josh thanks. Chuck Mrs Short stuff we're talking about. You'll nursery rhyme pretty door -able in its nature that you may have heard of before. It's called Mary. Had a little lamb. Wait a minute was was this lamb's fleece as white as snow. It was and there was something remarkable about it in that wherever Mary Wet. The lamb went as well. It sounds like a stocker to me a little bit so this is pretty interesting in that. This is controversial. I mean this cute little nursery rhyme that every English. Speaking kid on the planet has heard at one time or another especially if you were raised in America. may have had number one a real life origin in number two. There are two towns in Massachusetts and New Hampshire where the local historical societies will fight each other with chains and brass knuckles if they run into one another in public. Yeah this is really interesting in Sterling Massachusetts If you go you're going to see a a little copper statue of a little lamb and it's Mary Sawyer's little lambs specifically which she brought to school in Eighteen. Fifteen yeah She was a little girl. Who In this? I guess we should say allegedly for all this stuff because they're saying that each other is wrong so allegedly. Mary say this little lamb nursed back to health overnight and over a few days the lamb got much better and then she was going to go to school one day and her brother Nat said. Who want you bring that lamb to school since you love it? So much much married. And she did. Bring the lamb to school Hiding it in a basket under her chair and at one point she stands up to take part in a recitation. Lesson and the lamb bleeds. The teacher laughs. She takes the lamb outside and kills it. No she takes a lamb outside and stores it in the shed but this caught the idea of a guy named or the eye of a guy named John Rolston. Yeah he was a an older boy who I guess was visiting the schoolhouse where all this took place. That day US on his way off to Harvard and he died shortly after of tuberculosis but before that he wrote a poem through several lines. This basically what everybody knows from. Mary had a little lamb Supposedly that night. He was so taken by this thing by. This event came back the next day on horseback and handed Mary the little poem he wrote for Her and Mary. Sawyer went on for the rest of her life as Mary. The girl with the little lamb that she'd nursed back to health and these the source of the famous nursery rhyme. Mary had a little lamb yet. And it's important to note that he wrote but three stanzas of that poem and I think he was just thought it was cute. I think it's an adorable story. That not only did she. Nurse Little Lamb and take it to school but this you know rising freshmen at Harvard was so smitten with this whole thing on his little visit to the school that he wrote a poem about it and then he died of tuberculosis later than that again. So he He so Jon Ralston and Mary. Sawyer are the source of inspiration and the the basis of that nursery rhyme. Mary had a little lamb. As far as sterling. Massachusetts is concerned. But if you Drive a little further north about ninety miles north in New Hampshire West New Hampshire. You come across the town of Newport You will get a totally different story that their their position is basically that Mary. Sawyer was allying old lady who lied her whole life and made up this fantastic tale. And that it was really Sarah Josefa Hale who was a native of Newport New Hampshire Who was very famous for setting up the first Thanksgiving in the United States Like as as as a national holiday. She's the one that made that happen That she's the one who wrote. Mary had a little lamb right. And I think we should take a break okay And before we do. I WANNA point out. The Josh did not Miss Speak. Her Middle Name was Josefa and not Joseph or Josephine. Yeah it just sounded a little funny and people might think. Why did Josh Spice that one up a little mustard on it? So we'll come back and explain more about her story. Where Henry Ford figures in right after this getting.

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