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Should be one of the number one concerns for each state because most of these utility companies are co op ops are part of bigger co ops and you have to start it from the ground roots to get it going and we really need to stay on top of it i enjoy your show i've listened to you for years and this is the first night i got on but when i saw that flew and that life i just knew a plane was gonna crash i jump in the truck you got the radio on you said oh by the way they just launched the satellite i do very much wayne appreciate it out there in statesboro georgia we go to walton pennsylvania hey walter georgia great to be with you wants you to how are you today but george as your data lino knowing the news they're vilifying the the national rifle association and i've been a member since nineteen seventy and georgia recently the new york times about a month ago retired supreme court justice john paul stevens said that the second amendment is a dinosaur it's no longer applicable and george i was wondering have you ever heard of a guy named merola fries ler well he was as you know george she was the head of the german supreme court under the nazi era and georgia we have to remember about the holocaust it was all done legally hitler was duly elect duly democratically elected and just because you elect the leader democratically does not mean that you're gonna preclude cure of course but they all sold them exactly georgia second amendment is the is the basic bedrock human right without which all the other rights are meaningless really paper writes george second amendment will not go away don't worry about that well hopefully not georgia you know people say that that that can't happen here but number what the clintons did in waco george well horrible situation to be sure first of all david carey should never have been doing what he did but.

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