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What else you going to do with it well we are fortunate to be able to have this time with you Mister John Ratzenberger you've come a long way from the understudy for Tennessee Williams and now you're the voice of hand me the pig and so many more beloved characters within the Pixar universe and I want to thank you for coming on the mall Kelly show and nurture Rama thank you for what you do I've long followed your careers it's as much a treat for me to be able to dialogue with you is it is for everyone else listening to you and if you should ever have the opportunity to just for one day one night play cliff clave it one more time I'll be right there rooting you want because that's one of my favorite television characters yeah that'd be fun I'd love to do that well maybe we need to put that out there so baby the television god's will get a cheers reunion show together well I every year what about that to the executives that whatever downwards no owns cheers and it was at B. C. about having a C. B. S. but I think I scared yes doctor once when he was president of NBC is Korriban and all of their necks said although we do our cheers Christmas special every year and at the he looked at me like you thought I was gonna were choking or something but that he ran out of the elevators fast as he could that's too bad yeah but I don't I there's DBS holds the rights to two years ago so if everybody calls and tells of yeah let's just do a Christmas special I'm pretty sure the actors of all want to do it well that means we have our marching orders now we know what to do we need to bother CBS since Jeff Zucker who's now at CNN residency in and it's not going to help us so we know exactly what we need to do and we'll get right on it well you're a good band both he is John Ratzenberger of course Toy Story four now in theaters go out and see it and you'll probably see me on the line I'll be right there seeing it with everyone else and the threat to Berger thank you once again for coming on the program hopefully we'll get to talk to you when you do your next Pixar movie wink wink I've been looking at IMDb dot com I think I know what it is so maybe we'll get you back on next time all right well thank you bye bye.

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