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Could have been my life. Well you have a painting that pretty well known of mickey mouse. It's pixel azam fan of disney as well. Yeah you know. I mean all of that. Wonderful adaptation including comic books from the sixties. When i grew it it's just still right under the top layer of skin for me. And you know right now. I'm working on a painting of the beatles. Which is my favorite band This painting and i painted them quite a few times. When this one happens to have a sixties cartoon comic book feel to it so you know it's It's been an ongoing thing. For the. I think god are being amused collectors magazine. And how a lot of our readers or beatles fans obviously not just for the records that they would collect because the beatles had a lot of pressings but the memorabilia and that would be that would hit home with them To collapse something. Like that. And i'll tell you a cool story. I don several years ago. I did a portrait of john lennon. Yes and Oh in fact you would. I spoke about this in Hold mine it's on. It's on your site to on your website correct right. Yeah so. I did. A painting of john lennon. i I have a friend photographer named allen tenenbaum who had done a lot of photography of jonah. Yoko Look right after double fantasy out and so much like the roddy paging. I used a selection of alum tannenbaums photographs and then maye a composite on levin painted it and And then by chance. I happen to to meet yoga at one point and i gave her a little postcard reproduction of the painting and she really liked it. That's very satisfying that sure moments to house. Yeah now lately. There's been a lot in the media of rock and roll musicians taking up other creative options like painting. I mean you know that you've been at you. Started painting before drumming. Now you have guys like ron wood of the stones paul stanley from kiss and others do talk with these fellow musicians about painting. Have you as a matter of fact. Paul's family and i have been for about thirty years and Paul was instrumental in in making a Introduction to wentworth gallery. The that's the gallery change back represent my work. They also represent paul's work. But paul was the one that they that introduction kind of to do that I've never met ryan. But i'm very well acquainted with his work and i think he's a wonderful painter and you know there's a bunch of us patch you know Tony bennett is a great turn. David bowie was a great painter There's a lot of musicians. Painters grace slick has been a very well established painter There's a bunch of us out there that do this You know but fall under that musician painter bledel. I just think it would be interesting. Cure the two musicians professional musicians but instead of talking music they start talking. You know our trade or art techniques and you're you're you're exactly right about that observation because you know it is met while i was in damn yankees are our friendship now and we were. We were texting last night about the beadle painting. I'm working on now our friendship now. It's about fine arts yes we. We rarely talk about music. He's also got a bunch of music friends. But i'm in a very small. Click up his patriots. Yes so do you guys talk about like what medium or what kind of pay because it's not just acrylic. It could be a certain type of acrylic paintbrushes off. All the time. That's we're we're we're constantly texting photons back and forth here's colorado's found and we'll check out this website you can get. It's been a fun friendship. That has that has blossomed. Now is really about this fine arts thing so and paul a very talented and incredibly successful patriots. He's like the main breadwinner went gallon. Right well listen. I really appreciate that. This all came together for gold mine and for you offering up. One of your reproductions and it's a great one ronnie van zandt and also it's gone you know for a great cause the money's gonna go to a great cause and I hope you keep in touch gold mine and tell us about your fab. Four painting that whenever it's done. I know almost finish finish. It gets released into the world. We should do another one of these phone. Absolutely thank you. Thank you so much michael. Thank you pass my goal. Thank you so much. We appreciate your time and thanks for getting involved in this great. 'cause we look forward to seeing how the auction does thank you for putting up your painting for auction a painting a reproduction of the painting of ronnie van zandt leonard skinner fans. All rock fans are gonna love this and if you're interested go to gold mine mag dot com slash collector dash resources and you could see right under the column there an interview with michael about the painting and we'll tell you where to bid will have the link you can also go to michael's website. Michael carta loni dot com. And also you could go to the cancer support community dot org website for more information about what the charity does. This is patrick. Prince editor signing off was seeing the next podcast. Don't forget to go to goal. My mag dot com exclusive content and a percentage off subscription price and go to books a million and barnes and noble for the latest print edition of gold. Mine will see you next time cheers. Hey it's mr kerrey host of the mistress kerry podcast right here on the pantheon podcast network. If you love rock music.

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