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Just a personality, but I am a people person. I'm upheaval placing. And I love to talk to people. I talk to people, as you know, I've told you, in elevators, anywhere. And so I love to ask people about their work. One 8th prager 7 7 6 which translates digitally into. Translates digitally into. 8 7 7 two 7 6 8 7 7 two four three this is the official one unless what? Yes. Oh, really? He prefers. My producer prefers this to, oh, I see. Well, they both good. I don't know if I have a preference. Isn't there even a third? There are several. No, no, no, I understand that. I understand, but there's no reason not to use them. So dear Francesca Morris, who was volunteered her time to work on this Labor Day along with the inimitable, the ineffable, the inexpressible, the in duplicate, Sean McConnell, who stayed dispelled. Don't seem your double in need of a little that was composed by yours truly incidentally. There are areas where I just don't like to boast. But that is one I am really proud of. That is the only piece of music I have ever composed. I didn't orchestrated, I am seeing it, but I composed it. So what do you do for a living, it's Labor Day and it's an appropriate question to ask, and I have a lot of fun. So do you. You listening. And it is, among other things, you will see an ode to America. Because unless crushed, the spirit of people, and this would be true anywhere. It's a values issue. It's not a DNA issue. There's no American DNA. And so unless crushed, which is what happens in the vast majority of the countries of the world, people just will do whatever they do. All right, so let's begin with ambler Pennsylvania and Hugh. Hello Hugh Dennis prager. Welcome on Labor Day. And I'm very thrilled that I'm number one on the list today. Thank you. Well done, that is something that is something. But I was just going to I work in a grocery store, okay? A supermarket, if you will, I work for whole foods, markets. And I work in the store in North Wales, Pennsylvania. Right, I'll say hello when I'm in Philly. Oh, very good. I know you come here often. Yep. And I'm a baker. I work as a baker there. I go in early in the morning. What time? I usually get there around four 30 a.m. go on and wait. So whole foods, which I've been to many times, but I didn't realize so the bakery bakes what? Well, we do actual scratch baking in the bakery. We take items. We don't just open boxes and bake the stuff. It's made from scratch. And watch the stuff you bake. Breads? Well, we do breads, but mostly we do cakes and pastries and what you would find in a neighborhood retail bakery. I thought, maybe I have it confused with another store chain, but doesn't whole foods tend all right, they do sell things with sugar. They don't sell things without official sugar. Exactly. That's it. Yes. But the nice thing about me on the fourth generation baker. Wow. Okay, I'm 59 years old, so I've been doing this since I was ten years old with my father. And what the nice thing is about working with whole foods is the ingredients I get to work with. Like we use only real butter. We don't use any of the artificial shortenings or anything. It's all really good. Let alone God forbid margarine. I've got two, two, two. So that's one of the nice things about it, but I know like little retail bakeries, they can't afford to use ingredients like that. But at Whole Foods we can and we still do, and that's why people say, well,.

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