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Tennessee whiskey for by volume. Distillery Lynchburg, Tennessee. Well, it's for the first game. Jake Allen in seven games. Go back to the Boston. Bruins matchup for this blues team itching to get back in Jordan Bennington has been playing outstanding. But Jake seen it from the bench. Now, this team has grown a caught up with him the other day talking about that. For us right now seen in while of late. All your bar non pitcher. And that's the main point and have really tough stretch coming up here, especially the we all know that. So rest is important for us. And hopefully, keep the momentum ball the fact of accidents Nashville, and I mean talk about a challenge it's a team that's above you in the central division and the team that you guys know very well. Yes, they're one of the best easily lost couple years. We know them while they know us well together, top the standings in the holy this year. So hands full again while it's fun A-block new games. It's absurd. The fans will love it too. It's a great way. Suffocate rivalry and an important gives the players like goes back to backs. Rather day off between the takes toll on your body, especially with travelling if they're both at home little bit different story. No question because you get to sit down bed and if no plane ride needed, but. You know, I it's we've all done enough now and honestly often pulses data's late-game sale. You can get into the good our still get up and play. So it's it'll be fun or what did you seen from Jordan? I mean a lot of games right now. He's a little bit of a stretch. But watching him a goaltender. What are you seeing from his game? He hasn't changed at all. I think that's the biggest thing assistance. Sometimes become the NHL. You think you need to do more or try to adopt a game? It doesn't matter if the goal here what position to play the duchess. Player in the best thing in the world. Go I need to do more. But he hasn't changed. The key for played role is played solid. He's made the save. You know? Done. The job is needed to do. So it says making the most of his chance do you? Remember that stretch of games than your first season. Or you just got in there. And you got on a little bit of a run. It's not easy. But you kind of just Blake and just go into just playing your game. Right. Yeah. There was nothing to lose. You're going there to make most your chance. I still remember those fifteen twenty games that I've played the five six years ago. Really try to make an angel yourself. I think he's trying to do. And he's doing a great job. He's charged with back to back. So you've got to be itching to get back into right? Yeah. Looking forward to it. It's been a long time. My longest time out again. So..

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