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The new radiocom app sunday morning on cbs the morning i'm jane pauley go to the ends of the earth this is exciting you've never seen anything like it and reach for the stars this is pretty fun look through a telescope the cold experienced thought provoking inundated and the original reporting because there is only something new under the sun on cbs sunday morning yes kmox news time is seven forty five an ice win for the blues and tom ackerman has more from the newball bmw toyota sportsdesk well good morning the blues last night beat the maple leaf said it was a lot of fought we're gonna let chris kerber tell you about all the action at scott trade while on a saturday night ocoee united st louis to st louis blues faced off fought hockey united canada against the toronto maple leafs it after giving up the first goal of the game to boardman and fall behind what nothing after one the blues took off three on answered in the second one frontera saco one from admits in one for all put gradual all three assisted by both shed add shorts and a lewis took a three one lead to the third then there was an interesting one minute had two seconds pay rv in unassisted goal 122 made it four two one bosak for the lease made it four two at 200 seven so bocquet answered on the next shifted to 24 bernstein had stashed need to make it by two and of lose rolled from there a powerplay goal for a potential oh made it 62 toronto would make it a game one goals from broaded bosak and in the end it would be a six four final the blues when they are now eleven three in one and their 23 points once again keeps them atop the western god brits and atop the central division next up for the blues the new jersey devils from newark on tuesday i'm chris kerber gamble exports curbs thank you the blues.

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