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And fifty dollars is the median rent for one bedroom here in california twobedroom is it about twenty one hundred dollars the most expensive cities are no surprise there the largest city san francisco san jose los angeles san diego and sacramento and when you look at the number of people who have said they would they would move out of california or have thought about moving out of california because of the high cost of housing statewide i'd it's fifty six percent have considered moving in inc in la county it's even higher than that in la county it's fifty nine percent who say they have considered moving because of the cost of housing in california now some of them said they would they would relocate to a different state most of most of the people said it was a different state some people said a different party california other places in the same area even two percent who said that they would consider moving to another country just to get away from the high cost of housing we've lost a lot of people to texas remember rick perry doing his move to taxes tour everyone went on john and ken show and he was such adult hugh it was just it was just like a statement that he was reading almost like off a teleprompter and they'd ask a question when early answer it uses anyway they they they make this push because you love to tax one bedroom and texas about a thousand dollars two bedroom texas median rant about 1200 even in dallas the most expensive city for renters in dallas two bedroom 1500 your kid would would move in with one of his friends and pay said what is that 750 yeah i had a friend about a house there like a big house like a fourbedroom house with landon stephanie would act like in texas in it was like three hundred thousand three fifty something like that you start to feel silly when you hear things like this you start to feel silly when you think about how much further your money could go in a place like taxes if your job is mobile a lot of people in the entertainment industry it's not that simple right they've got to be here the gotta be an la they've got to live with fourteen of their closest friends because this is where their jobs are but if your job is a mobile one.

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