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AJ Benza everyone every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, podcasts, and you can sign up be patriot member and get five weeks of podcasting, patriot member and check it out and say, hi, Jen, Twitter, it real AJ Benza dot com. AJ always a delight. Absolutely. Love it and say. God say, hi, our friend that Penn Jillette over there pen Sunday school. And that's podcast one. Great pot. So until next I'm an appropriate j Benza teen grand ball, Ryan. Say. In a business, but no ethics, we gotta have that. Folly, girl, Twitter shooting always on Twitter at Adam gorilla and nail at eight, six, three, four, one, seven, four, four, six, take our weekly does of inspiration. Motivation. Click Lincoln, Adam, Corolla dot com. Subscribe to fantasy hosted by Brian and sunny girl on podcast. One Phoenix stand up live October twenty seven, four, two basic cable commentary shows and don't forget the world championship of guacamole presented by Corolla drinks, artillery thirteenth, signed up at official WC, OG dot com. Tickets involved on the live podcast man, grievance books, movies and more go to Adam Corolla dot com. Sally beauty, new all in one hair-color kit, make it easy to color your hair at home, get everything. You need to color. Putatively radiant results loved by professionals, open to everyone. Sally beauty. Clock is ticking. I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsmen Senate Judiciary committee chairman, Chuck Grassley, reject some conditions wanted by Christine, Blasi. Ford enter lawyers for her testimony in a letter to the lawyers. Grassley says no to Ford, wanting supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh testify I, he adds that the committee will use an outside counsel to ask questions and ask us. She could testify next Wednesday, rather than Thursday as requested. Chairman also set a deadline of ten PM this evening to hear back from Ford, California, Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, accuses Grassley of bullying, survivor of attempted rape in order to confirm a nominee deputy attorney. General rod Rosenstein says the New York Times. Got it wrong. When the paper reported that he had talked about using the twenty fifth amendment to remove President Trump from office, the AP's, Eric Tucker reports for two anonymous sources who have their own agenda. And he says, he's not going to respond to it. But I should also note though by the same token, the Justice department did issue a s-. Statement.

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