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So Rivera face nine hundred ninety three batters in his career regular season postseason six hundred and forty of them or sixty four and a half percent or I should say forty eight percent did not get a hit off of him. So four hundred seventy nine of nine hundred ninety three did not get a hit off Marian Rivera. Those who have multiple home runs off more Rivera Miguel Cabrera to Aubrey huff too. Evan longoria to Edgar Martinez to and Rafael Palmeiro it to now does Rafael Palmeiro data. I think that's more interesting than Sosa because Rafy has three thousand hits and five hundred home runs. Yup. Mariano Rivera postseason ERA is point seven zero not one point seven zero which will be getting hall thing with that. Yeah. Point seven zero. He they're kind of funny. He has a hundred and ten strikeouts. In twenty one walks in the postseason. I'm also looking at some other guys Fred McGriff. I don't think is a hall of Famer I think Mike MU scene is going to eventually get in schilling schilling's hall of Famer. Man. Plain simple, ROY halladay had eight seasons. And of course, he died in a plane crash. But I think there was there. There was a good period of time. When holiday was the best pitcher in the game. And I think that should factoring with a hall of fame, you know, with Edgar Martinez. You know when you say well somebody's not good enough to play the field. But you know, Edgar Martinez for a long time was the best h in the game. And we valued the D H more now. And I think that Edgar Martinez deserves to be rewarded. Yes. Bone ROY halladay has two Cy youngs. But he was top five Inci young voting seven times, you know, that's real tough to do. There was probably six or seven year period where he might have been the best pitcher in the game one. I young in both leagues. But now they look at longevity in did last long like Johan Santana had an unbelievable run and might be equal to halladay, but holiday, you know, you through the no hitter in the playoff game. But. Winning a Cy Young and both both leagues. Let me get a couple of phone calls in here. Jeff in Detroit. Hey, Jeff, Reggie Miller. Will join us in about ten minutes. Eight jeff. Sorry. What's going on, Danny? Up listening to you as something dawned on me, the NFL referee. I've got a question for you real quick. After this the Senate the referees and Esso have timed it to the sixty day on a road trip. I made this trip towns how need a met. I know where I'll go then. I don't need..

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