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Newsradio welcome back you're lewis amongst you are reclusive logan kathie lee and we're going to bring on one of your new denver broncos in i think he's been a great addition to this defense so that the cowboys in uh the cowboys would agree let's bring a dome atop a walk the show is good to have you on yup we we've been wanting to get you on the entire season you you've been have made such an impact here on this defense in not only is the player but i think your leadership on the team as well is significant and you'll see you in the locker room just the way you handle yourself you you you've got a really cool energy about two your very uh you got a really good really good vibe about you and i think i think the players pick up on that the younger players in particular yes all all cool often who won't go all a mclaughlin anymore although i just saw the globe or more in the world a woman local demagogue palme working on global football knows paul callan no no doubt about that are let's get down to this now don't when when you've got a particular front called in the offense breaks the huddle on they to go on scrimmage at that point as best you can described her audience what you're looking at what's going through your mind what what are you thinking about mobil all won't bulgaria call for more hole equal lamont emomali sunlight elect what do you would i go kohl also i'm a veteran all corners on attendance legal multiple you're going to call home montana well clown you're gonna love them on a it was multiple will you we noticed before now we noticed you a work in the crowd on sunday getting the crowd going when you're out there on the field than you played on some good defenses with the goals but would you say this broncos defense is the best defense you played on so far oh man these people do well we'll quality all walton in all homo model old on.

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