Rutger Hauer, Jared discussed on Filmspotting - Blade Runner 2049


And maybe you want appreciate this because i think rutger hauer character in the original is the one who expresses all gray and here i think you notice it quite early where there's snow falling in a lot of 'bladerunner 2014 right at first i thought it was ashed but it does appear to be snow and a few characters who we understand his replicans express awe at that the hologram character play by entity arm us in that scene we were discussing it's raining and she looks up and expresses author rain and i think this movie does and also with another character expressing on the face of something that isn't necessarily technological right something they're responding to an so that that was just another thread in 24 denied that i did appreciate is this this notion that all might be something we need to make us him i think even as a good point and i think even i don't wanna give too much away on this on what actually happens but there's you know the most can of clearly menacing uh adversary in this picture playboys sylvia weeks a river again actors yet how did that provides in a lot and she plays you know you kind of jared little's hentsch woman in the kind of the company's spokes person who were it is willing to happily willing to kill for you to protect the secret service predicted the cops secrets um there's a scene early in the picture it's a key encounter between that character in the robin rorick character and don't want to give it away but right uh the way villneuve stages that shows what great facility has i think with.

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