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Sincere apology to Kyle Lowry and the raptors organization for this unfortunate misconduct. There is no place for such interaction between fans or anyone and players at an NBA game. Mr Stevens will not be an antenna at any of the rain remaining games of the finals review of this matter is ongoing. That won't be the end of it. Right. They'll take some money from him, the legal, take some money from him any shot whatsoever. Any shot that this guy's minority ownership is any in any danger in a league where they took sterling's team. Well, that's what the ongoing means. It's on. Going to see what kind of blowback there is from any of that is what's on. What's on going is once the reaction going to be punished sufficiently, right? And, and if they if they didn't they'll just buy him out. I would think. So your thoughts are this is the end of it or. No, no. Well, we'll see. I don't really know the fact that they, you know, have taken him out for the rest of the finals. I think it will probably die down. I mean, if it was the, you know, if it was the majority owner, then I think it would be different, but. You know, the fact that it's, you know, this guy who none of us have ever heard of. I think it'll die down pretty quickly, who would be the owner most likely to do that. Dolan. Oh, yeah. The most the majority owner majority partner Jordan. Now. No, Michael Joyce, usually courtside. And he's competitive as competitive, and he would talk. But I don't he would not do anything like that because he's been in that situation as a player, I'm not saying he would we're trying to get the most likely stand, you have an answer. Do I have an answer? Well, I think we've got our answer. I mean he barks even see punch Steve Kerr ones Mark Stevens. That's who I would say Morton, teed, already done it. So no, not Cuba thought would Robert Pera? He's the guy that owns the grizzlies, he wore shooting sleeve. He was talented players to play one on one in practice that dude has everything went on him that he might push somebody if they fill into. Oh. I want to ask the baseball fans among us here. I'm not going to give you a lot of information, but I want to know what your follow up questions are as baseball fans. Here's the situation, I am giving you. And it's the only information I'm giving you there is a no hitter in the ninth inning. One out. There are two outs from a no hitter guy. From the other team comes up and Bunce down the first base line. What questions do you have for me that will allow you to forgive the behavior? What's the score the game? It's three nothing. There's nobody on base, and it is three nothing. Do you have any other follow up questions, what level is that this is whatever will lever whatever level, the Hartford yard goats play? Oh, aa. We're big yard gun. Yup. So closely didn't they have a Mikey CD we didn't event there. Yeah. Mike. You see the goal exciting event out there. I sit in a highly questionable yesterday. Go Joe is the biggest celebrity fan of the yard goats. He loves the Argo does. Okay. Is my team winning or losing this no hitter? You're losing your on the wrong end of the no hitter. And your guy is bunting losing the no hitter then. That's all it's fair game. Now my team's pitching. No, I don't care not understanding villi. The question is the question because one of the teams is throwing a no hitter and the other one is breaking it up with a bun. Right. What I'm telling you is this, how it impacts me is how answering this question if my team is pitching no hitter against now. If I'm losing no hitter. I'm for it. Right. But those weren't questions, I'm glad you got that in has there ever been a simultaneous. No hitter or both pitchers pigeon or no hitter. Then it would go into extras. It's got to end. Somebody's gotta win unless you get four. Yeah. Again. Countless no hitters pitch that have ended in losses so we have a three nothing game. One outs..

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