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She's like i don't understand what's happening but i know that it's not good yeah it's an ominous saul it's an ominous song it has even even the dire wolf seems to know the seems to know what's coming with the reins of casamayor we see gray wind is in like a pen outside of the side of the wedding hall and he's wimpering he seems to know something's up he had these dire wolves are very in tune with the moment the hound and aria show up at the outskirts of the twins and they're here and the hound things that he's going to be you know he's gonna get a hero's welcome once he gets inside but they're being told to turn around and in that moment the hound is like oh god okay something's up here in arias nowhere to be found she's disappeared off the cart she ran away she ran away so we'll see what are is going to get into in a second but then we go back in to the wedding hall and the red wedding yes and walter frei is going to give another speech got another monologue it'd be wants to give and he said that he be remiss that he did not give them the hospitality they deserved and pat knows this is things are getting bad yes so she's sitting with roose bolton who has been like her unfortunate guest like all night long she's just been attached to roose bolton and he is he's just staring her dead in the eye he is making no no bones about it about what's about to happen and he puts his arm on the table and she works at his arm and like lifts up the sleeve a little bit and sees it he's wearing chain mail underneath which is the tell that the fit is about to hit the shan.

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