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In Chile crazy first date I guess it's going to rock the for this story here's Laney what happened Laney it's actually literally my first date ever I was fifteen I decided to go to the melting pot at this point you know this is what we're not old enough to have jobs yet so his faith and his parents are right thank you well not that I was extremely comfortable sorry all the forms you can do it people are literally going to be the first one to get something out of the card you bowl and I don't think she's over I felt to clean it up a decent amount but we decided to skip the dessert it was not what you were looking inside go except in the park afterwards he was in like the town I live so I was able to get you try pants and just get comfortable but I still felt like she is I've never had a first kiss before in my entire life so I would like to start I never did that he could look at it come back and then rice about his plan my head on the monkey bars thank you a minor can cut back I know that you're calling her myself the words right now all of you almost twenty two this guy is like a friend of the whole world the first day we were trying to rob but I definitely don't regret it because I got so we got to know is the case so and the smell of the case so and the concussion the reason why he is in the friend zone only the bigger picture story huge surely he ended up coming out after that so okay well that makes sense it had nothing to do with the smell of case so I don't think so we we we joke about it now and it it was so long ago that from time to load just push it into any conversation that's related to chi or monkey cars it was actually the perfect person for you to have your first date awkwardness way right right right for sure I wouldn't want it with anyone else at that point since the whole smashing of the nose thank yeah that was a little rough listen lady we love your story and because we love it so much we're sending you to go see maroon five at jiffy lube live September eleven right hopefully there will be fond du type thing set up there you know so we can avoid any repeats of that first day no no se nota que so think concussions I know what motto we get you also have a crazy for state story you know the one you tell all your friends about we love to hear right now give us a call at eight six six wash FM one that's eight six six nine two seven four three six one and if we use it on the air you too can win some great prizes and now here's a look at traffic with Lisa bass say yes yes to the outer loop in the beltway there's a minor crash in Connecticut Avenue on the shoulder say I don't know south bend Connecticut Avenue water main break repair between Jones Bridge Road manor road you'll have to follow.

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