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Jack, Leonardo Dicaprio, British Academy Of Film discussed on Managing to be Wealthy with John Sestina


Birthday, boy, Leonardo DiCaprio is your actor today. Want a bathtub BAFTA British Academy of film, and television. Did you know that he's a year older than Jack? He's a year older than me. I heard that Jack has his birthday circled on a calendar. I just knew the year. Sorry. Also, drew Barrymore is four days older than me. Well, I'm gonna go with the one that was was sort of reference there in say Titanic. Titanic is correct. Jack, Dawson guy couldn't a door told me like what are your French girls? Let's go to the one. I just finally got around to seeing a don't ask me. Why haven't I didn't? But I loved it which is revenue the revenue. Yes. The revenue. Sex with bear. No, no. He gets amped up by a bear. Hugh glass is the character. And that is the film for which he won best actor. There's a great scene after he wins his Oscar, apparently, they give you the statuette and the name on it and the actors and actresses then take their statuettes backstage in their engraved in front of them. And there's this somebody calling camera where the engraver. Leo DiCaprio sitting there and trying to make small talk, and he says to her do you come here often. And she goes choosy, I'm working for a few years, and he looks like because it's my first time. I know they did that backstage.

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