Virginia, Attorney, Kirk Cox discussed on Mark Levin


Seven seven three eight one three eight one one is the number Virginia. This is amazing to me. She added governor comes out after he says, he's horrific things about the only be described as post birth abortion, which you and I both know is no longer that procedure anymore. It's awful. Well, then he comes out, and he's they find this picture of him. Maybe maybe with shoe polish on his face. Maybe both hard to say, I it was him. And it wasn't him than it is him. He admits to doing the moonwalk darkening his skin a little moonwalk. And then they all the Democrats say you got to go you got to step down. Now, they're trying to distract from the abortion stuff the infanticide staff. Then the Lieutenant governor turns out has his own scandal. Because the woman says that he raped her years ago. But the media turns around and goes, well, you know, maybe he should go to. But then they find out the attorney general also darkened his skin at one point this time to imitate a rapper rap artists in nineteen eighty so right? There are three Democrats in Virginia the trifecta. And you would think all right. Maybe all three of them should go. Right. Maybe you take two shoe polishes and a and a rapist, and you just kind of pushed him aside. And then you let the third guy or the fourth guy in line become the governor. And then you put all this nonsense behind you a new day in Virginia. But that's a problem, you see because of the fact that guys a Republican and the media was very quick to point out to you and me how awful that would be. I mean, they'll put up with shoe polish and clan hoods and rape allegations. But my God, they draw the line at the idea could be a conservative Republican a little media. Montage, courtesy of our friends at newsbusters. Cut one. If the governor Lieutenant governor attorney general were all to resign. The governorship would fall to the Virginia house speaker who is a conservative Republicans named Kirk Cox..

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