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Is identified as 49 year old chewing trend fam of fairfax, and he faces malicious wounding charges. U.S. capitol police have joined fairfax police in the investigation. Connolly calls the attack unconscionable and devastating. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO. Connolly said this week, the two staff members that were attacked are now out of the hospital. That's the good news this morning. And we've also learned this morning fam is also apparently accused of chasing a woman with a bat in an earlier incident on Monday this week. It happened, we're told about 5 miles away from Condoleezza office just after ten 30 Monday morning. Police say that fam approached a woman at that time that was in her parked car and asked her if she was white. They say fam then hit her windshield with the bat and ran away. Video from a neighbor showed a man chasing a woman with a bat at the site where police said the earlier incident happened that woman came away uninjured luckily. Double DT will appear at 1205 and other news this morning the teen charged in the attempted shooting in Washington commanders player this summer has been detained again. Washington Post on this report 17 year old, the 17 year old, had been let out of youth services in the custody several months after the robbery and allowed at that time to live with his dad while wearing an ankle monitor when doing so. But he apparently cut the monitor back in the winter in February and disappeared, police say this morning he was picked up a few weeks ago within narcotic on him. Now a judge has ordered him back to youth services custody until he's 21 running by Brian Robinson junior you may remember was shot twice leaving a store in northeast back in August. He had 1206. It was a horrendous experience for a woman who was thrown into a U haul van in southeast D.C., happened Friday night, and she was driven around for hours. A Glendale man is under arrest in the case this morning. He's accused of forcing the victim to strip naked, and threatening to drive her hundreds of miles away before crashing his vehicle. Now as WTO peace on John dolman reports this Tuesday morning the suspect has appeared in court

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