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And one pm and get your free lunch courtesy of the university of barrel maryland baltimore county pulling off and you guys eat a little caesars didn't know whether is on i've never eaten them my whole life we used to get pizza pizza all the time florida ken williams so cheap pizza pizza like it wasn't back geneva time geneva avenue oh i thought you were talking about her old band now known san francisco decapolis it opens at ten you ever think about getting geneva back together dow you don't think about torn all right can't think about anything during the week bringing back that hair i love that hair i could do that right now i can wrap my hair up let's do it mustaches vinnie vinnie soft moustache what's going on where where are you today i'm here we talked about finding america you're mazing america wondering your overperforming as usual he's entertaining the bay area he's doing all of america by the way on a side note i put up a poll on the alice nine seven three instagram everyone had stew with sarah and brin it's a story that's not okay please don't do this tax number is eight hundred four hundred three six nine seven.

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