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Was even the fourth no when no one even knew until later when mcdaniel wrote about it he said it was the quietest Derby because there wasn't a roar of applause. Right after right after the raid there wasn't sharing with laying and stamping the way you would have thought. And then the year to come you know when all exterminated had to do is walk. Walk onto a race. Track to get that kind of encore You know people talk back to that that that was the last time you know that it was ever quiet for him. Was that nineteen eighteen derby when he had done the impossible in wanting to raise. Probably a little longer than you need it but as you know that was fine when I was great and you mentioned Matt Win and I and I'm glad you brought up. Glad you brought up that you know that element of the story did you. Did you have access to the the Matt Win? As told to biography down the stretch yet well because he he cites specifically in in chapter thirteen he greatest thoroughbred. He writes extensively about up to up to the point. You know that that that you know this is probably gotta be obviously. It's before you know before he passed and he saw the first set. I seventy five derbies. He he cites. Exterminator is the greatest thoroughbred and and this I think goes into the forties. Actually so this includes some pretty prominent nineteen forty-five and so you know you get away and and clearly more for Matt wind the him it's It's exterminator at any. He writes glowingly. He he does and I mean those are you know. They're really linked forever because of that early face. You know that that win win was also wasn't just as faith and exterminator but it was in mcdaniel a show boater. Kinda was with the sort of stereotype of the of the quiet. You know horse trainer but you know it was a win confidence in him too And Yeah the glowing that he writes about exterminator..

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