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Have a few minutes. Take great you kind of a viral moment during the trump confirmations with education secretary betsy devos that i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that maybe you didn't think she was. The greatest nominees ltd appreciate her ideas around supporting students with different abilities. Would you be looking for in that role. In the cabinet secretary secretary of education in the biden harris administration. Things the question. First of all just generally i think we need to have cabinet secretaries from abroad of backgrounds in perspective but also with real experience in leadership and the understanding of the way government at all different levels work and one of my big concerns with secretary. Devos was simply. I didn't think she had an understanding of public education that match the job description of but more importantly what i'm looking forward to whether it's an education secretary or a healthcare's health and human services secretary. I'm looking forward to leaders who understand how what we do here. In washington and in state capitals around the country translates into real life impacts for the people we have been sent here to serve is understanding what the life of a single mom who's working a couple of jobs and trying to raise two kids is and what the difference of affordability in terms of broadband means for that family. What it means unto be able you know i. I still remember a constituent who said to me when we froze college. Tuition new hampshire. It meant that she didn't have to pick up an additional couple of shifts at work. She was already working a lot of overtime and she'd have that much more time for her family. We need people with that. Deep understanding of the everyday experience of ordinary americans and if they bring that perspective along experience about how to use the levers of government to people and how to make government effective the twenty first century economy a twenty th century digital age. That's what's going to move us forward as a country build that wall inclusive economy the economy's walkman for everybody. Everybody has a chance to contribute to their communities. And as americans we over out the best in each other senator has an and that's in the biden. The transition team just announced a group. Today that's going to be in the white house leading the white house and includes a bunch of very high ranking people in this group that have young kids which i couldn't even fathom to be honest with you i think in the last administration i mean even like i'm thinking that even in the obama administration i think it would have been really hard. I think people had kids while they were in the white house but didn't really go in with young children They announced his campaign campaign manager. Jennifer o'malley dillon has three young children. Cedric richmond your colleague. From the house is going into the white house with a young signed young child. How do you think it's going to impact the policies. Look i think that any time you have a group of policy makers and decision makers who have their own work family balances balancing to do. That really strengthens the overall policies. They make really aren't thinking about working families they do. They do know the difference between being able to do a quick check in with a doctor of versus the telehealth versus having to drive two hours waiting room for right. They know of the difference. In increase in the minimum wage can make they have an understanding of how hard it can be defined childcare. And what happens if one of your kids get sick and can't go to healthcare to your work day and one of the other things we've really seen in the pandemic is people balancing family and work in real time online without the usual resources for instance childcare that they have and as all gaining an understanding of how we can work to support each other in these moments and how important is that we have a childcare and family supports that work whether it's in the white house or whether it's a single parent trying to go to community college but who made some wraparound services like childcare and transportation Just to make be able to get through that program and then better themselves in their family By being able to take that next step in their career so I think it's a really healthy thing. And again i think that our leadership should reflect who we are as a people and shooed demonstrate. What's possible when we all come together to problem solve. Well thank you. Senator maggie and thank you so much for giving us your insights what we should be expecting from the biden harris administration. Can you tell us what you're gonna go. Vote on now. We're to go vote on on a confirmation of a judge who sadly i do not think as qualified to take the job but other than that look. I do what i want to say to people to is just There is hope Right now we are going to get through this pandemic. We have some work to do. Everybody continue to wear your masks continued to socially distance. We're gonna get through this. There is positive news about a vaccine. It will take a while to get to everybody. But in the meantime be safe speed well and support each other great. Thank you thank you. So much senator luck with the votes trying to talk some colleagues at it by. Thank you for listening to this episode of your political playlist. Don't forget to follow us on instagram. At your political playlist where you can see. 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