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Defend against cursive on the opposite side of the crease. Mention the content of the Hawks down down the left wing side fired off a shot. Murphy deflected it up and out of play with this stick, And then Murphy and special a cop got their skates tied up and Andre special a cop hit the ice pretty hard there into the inboard, but he's okay. That's the cops. A good young player 20 years of age. Kid 26 295. He's got some jam. He challenged Alex Ovechkin, and it was the wrong decision. It's not completely koto. But boy, he competes in the western, the Ontario Hockey League and buried From the door on the Hawk's own. Keith will carry the puck. This center is given a yan Mark. Left wing side front of the penalty box is he'll fire it down the boards into the hurricane zone in behind the Net. Ready shape. Put it out to center. Ice off, Throw check stick, He checks it away. But right. The pesky who's the head of the hotline knocked away by campus. Shaw, right wing to center ice sent it in over the hurricane line to the left circle. Brett Pesky steps up knocks. It helped the right side of pro Chuck requite past Martin HS into the Hawk's own, drops it off the need a writer. Fire from there. The left point kicked out by linking it 45 seconds left in the first period to one Carolina. Ready shade behind the hurricane that chased out by Shaw passes up the left wing Potro check. Then in over the hot line along the left wing boards here's need a writer spends it behind the net. Martin. He just has it there and then lost it through the skates of Strom into the hot priest were Kevin Lincoln and Promptly plots on the puck with the Globe. One thing you have to be aware of in this game is the line changes. Boy, you have to be sharpened. Jeremy College in has to be sharper behind the bench there to make sure that his line changes Are on cue here. If you're thinking of changing it up, you better let him know because there's no.

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