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But she's also like a good mom. She's like on let me hold on text. My husband. She's taking calls every five seconds pause. The gave I forget the guy's name, which is horrible. He was like this larger than life character. It truly was like I don't know how Bo and felt but I felt like very weirdly at home. Oh, that's like. Oh, fun. Yeah. No person. I knew Sammi sweetheart I knew girls like. Jenny was like, I'm gonna tell you exactly how it is here. I knew all those people. I know so wasn't a shock to me. I could interact with them if I needed to. As you may have Sumed at this point after years of listening to my podcast that I record my EDS separately than when my guest is here. So it's with great honor and excitement that I tell you. I'm here to talk to you about MAC Weldon, all while just wearing my MacWorld and underwear. Okay. I'm sure I lost about forty percent of my listeners at that point. When I said, I was just sitting here in a tiny pair of silver underwear there. The anti microbial ones not that I'm dirty or anything, but they fit me perfectly, and they eliminate odor guys. Mac Weldon has great socks for if you are guy wear shorts. They have great athletic socks. I wore them when I run a half marathon. I ran thirteen miles in MAC Walden's performance socks. They were fantastic. I ran without underwear on. But I wear MacWorld and underwear every single day. They are comfortable they fit my weird body, which we always talk about which maybe I'll gross you out again with that is I have. Big gut. No, but Fiqh legs medium-sized p p. And so I need a double XL, and they fit me perfectly. My wife refers to them as sexy believe it or not these underwear are sexy on me. Get yourself a pair of MAC weld and get yourself a ton of MacWorld ins. Okay..

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