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Redmond crushes partially blocking the fortieth street ramp to westbound five twenty are next. Komo traffic at six fifty four. Komo forecast is a wet one for really their remainder of this weekend. Maybe it did beyond sorry about that. But here's the deal. Seventy percent. Chance of showers tonight in Seattle, primarily after eleven sixty percent chance of showers tomorrow with some gusty conditions Friday. We're going to get a good amount of rain. It's just going to be cloudy. It's going to be really April the NCAA ATL right now, we have sixty five degrees downtown. Komo news time six forty five. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle's only twenty four hour news station. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven with a waste Jaffe. I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater at the editor's desk because we take a look at some of the day's top stories. Terrifying. Explosion at a chemical plant in Crosby, Texas outside Houston. Authorities say at least one person is dead. The explosion leading to shaking homes multiple schools on lockdown. Here's one worker. They told us to get out the plan. There was a leak, and we were evacuating in blue hill and had to crawl underneath the fence to get out. The EPA is monitoring the air quality. This comes just days after a fire at a different facility nearby burned on and off offer days since March seventeenth more than fifty trumpeter swans have been found dead or dying south of Monroe and into north King County. The daily herald reports more than two dozen of the dead came from crescent lake near the snoqaulmie river, a major night roost for. Swans this time of year here come the bra. Here comes the bride, but turns out a lot of guests aren't necessarily showing up to see the bride or the groom. That's according to a new study, which shows yearly one in five Americans have turned down a wedding invitation because they can't afford to go bankrupt dot com. Analysts Kellyanne Smith's book about this most Tom hutler. So about twenty percent say they can't afford to go to the wedding. And Furthermore, if they don't go, according to your study that's having a negative impact oftentimes on the relationship with the bride and groom that's pretty amazing. It's definitely surprising. And I think that this survey is so important because we always talk about how expensive weddings are for couples. But we never talk about how expensive they are for the guests. But what was also interesting about the surveys? We also interviewed some experts we had about nine wedding and etiquette experts. And they actually said that it's completely acceptable to turn down a wedding invite especially if it's because of financial reasons, and they said that in order to maintain that relationship. It's all. In how you decline that invite. So definitely pick up the phone don't just text them. And let them know as soon as you know, that you won't.

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