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To go here this afternoon from the nineteenth spot winston kelly the two thousand fourteen winter this event is eric merola was leading as we're going back straightaway in the daytona five hundred he knows how to get around this place not the qualifying run that you're looking for but this is a place it's all about handling how was the smithfield porthandling wise i felt like pretty good you know we practiced mostly in the in the draft and got all of our ford fusions lined up together and we're really fast so i'm looking forward to tonight i feel like our cars driving good and handling does come into play here daytona and even showed up at talladega earlier in the spring so i've been like our cars driving really good and you've got to have a car that's got good grip in it and handling well to be able to make those bold aggressive moves when you when when the times necessary one of the biggest handling differences when we come here in july and in february from your perspective wow usually the tracks hotter liquor but we're here in february it's actually pretty warm and the track was pretty slick so yeah i think i think handling is going to be very very similar to what we experienced in in february with the exception it we've got a little bit more spoiler this time around azer role he rose off twenty six replicate what he did four years ago this weekend at daytona thanks winston and if you're able to do that it would be his first win was stewart haas racing but up next mr in crew call co host rocco williams we'll chat with two women who will tires over the wall together for one of the cars and stays feels that when we come back to now part live race day from daytona chris crock here with.

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