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It's really very interesting such bastards i gotta tell you what i really it's just bastards the the attempt to lie to you that they are somehow doing a trump's own good is it's breathtaking anyway on this wednesday radio show that very good question was asked and answered by rush limbaugh right why why what did they have why didn't they have spies and hillary's campaign limbaugh asked why weren't they trying to prevent russian involvement in hers and then he answered his own question of course but the only obvious answer because they were the ones orchestrating the russian involvement they were the ones trying to create it they didn't want trump because they wanted there to be some collusion and when there wasn't any they try to make some so running spies on trump foreign policy advisers advisor like george papa popadopoulos and carter page that's what they did it's fascinating all right let's see google there's this little story of google when you when you look up a particular issue for example i told you a while ago that if you look up abraham lincoln or particularly what political party did abraham lincoln belong to you would think you know republican is the first republican president after all but no no no you'd be wrong jeff it's according to google he was part of the national union party not the republican party and and that's the amazing thing they expect people doing research they know that most of the people doing the research on this using google will be younger kids middle school kids maybe younger high school kids and they'll see national union party and technically speaking that was a a nomdeguerre number plume of the republican party at the time but it's like saying i don't know the democratic party they'd like to call themselves the compassionate party so you would tell you know hillary clinton belongs to the compassionate party and that's what that's the equivalent the republicans were the national union party that was the policy but that's not their official name and then when you get the idea so this time they they they say what what is the if you looked up the california republican party and it says you know what their ideologies are and you know.

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