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All kinds of announce it someone to show, the trophy off a trophy came in pantley. It's I mean, I saw pictures, you're gonna see pictures and videos soon. We're going to announce the championship venue soon. We got a lot more to get to. We're going to be back, of course on Tuesday. There were people that have been coming out the US J in the US open, already, there's a whole slate issues. I want to get to on that I wanna wait until we've got Trent daddy. Excuse me, perhaps, lurch, if he's around and Frankie to get into that. It's also now one forty in the morning, I'm just tired. I really want to go to sleep you on. We've been yawning with storm. So we got a lot more to get to on Tuesday. We got a big interview coming up as well in the next before the US Open. I imagine or maybe slightly afterwards. We got a massive interview coming up with one of the game's top top players. So that's going to be awesome. So and, and we can half. We're just going to be at Pebble Beach for the entire week all that shit that happened to the PGA championship. Okay. We at Brooks gone. He won. We had sir Nick Faldo at Borelli's. We had fucking kit's Hoffman all those guys do dinner at Borelli's. We're inside the ropes with them. We did the Brezhnev Shambo stuff all it should that we did it the PJ Jim Jim, we're going to be back. We're gonna be doing bigger better stuff. We're going to be at Pebble Beach on the fucking cliffs. All that's coming up really quickly. So stay tuned. Appreciate you guys listening. We're gonna fuck and sleep because we're exhausted hit it hard. Hit it. However you wanna hit it. And I wanna tell you right now, I don't know if you were going to bring this up, but we recorded twenty to twenty five minutes of this six hours ago and something just happened in the file. This is the first time that's ever happened. I have to say the file just went away now. We didn't really talk about the things that we talked about, just now, I have a piece of hair in my mouth, but, you know, we talked about some stuff and it just went away. We're like you know what? We're going to knock a little bit out before the game. We're going to get back and we're gonna be able to finish the podcasts. Or we may even do it before the game. We were pumped. We're like, hey, man. We are time managing and you know what? We just fucked up. Something just didn't work when I was a fucking horrible feeling walking in this room me. And like you know what we have to redo it, but I will say this, this time was a lot better. We did earlier. We did thirty five minutes five minutes that makes it even more that whole buffet bits about Jack Nicklaus dying. We delivered all his takes. Oh, yeah, we did it for thirty five minutes, six hours ago. And then we found out afterwards that it. It just didn't exist. I was just not exist. Nobody was that me like it did exist. I it was something was going on. Like how does that? What does that mean? It doesn't like it was doing something something was happening. What is it was recording? But it just was recording to nothing. Apparently, I don't know what that Manila say they'll going into this one this recording. I didn't think that it'd be as natural. But like even when we were talking about Jack like we said, different things to, to a point where it was like the first time, we did it, which is funny. I gotta say it was funny. Yeah, I'm just talking about that stuff was great. It was funny but I did you'd be it'd be remiss if we didn't tell you people, and we didn't wanna bring it up. Earlier is say, so, maybe someone will be like, oh, you guys are fucking warriors. We are. We're just fishing for credit at pretty much. What's happening? That was my whole hit at hard, little ending. But we, we wanted you we didn't want to bring it up earlier because we didn't want it to seep into your all's brains. All you listeners out there y'all's brains during the show that this was like runback repeat takes type thing. We covered a lot of stuff we actually did differently, adding factors. Right. We're fucking knock, Donald Parkinson it better. But we want you to know that we had to go through the emotional turmoil of recording. A good thirty five minutes that we thought was funny. Edgy fresh also where talking rising and hotel room sounded wrong, we're, we're grinding it out in a hotel, and that's not even more wrong. We have been alone doing the podcast because we've been on the road. So we've been doing this fucking podcast, just alone just us to like, really fucking like we just been doing so much shit with hockey and Barcelo radio. Getting these podcasts out have been a grind. And we, it's actually like just fund. To sit back and just talk straight talking great. But the timing's just insane. I'm like I'm bleeding out of my nose right now. Yeah. You guys sit in fucking cubes. I get it like I know it's horrible. I know. People big you didn't do anything your way. I did. I worked at a restaurant in which I was fucking opening up the doors with my dad, and like making Doane shit. Frankie, you're lashing out. Nobody cleaning out the fucking bar and shit. Like, yeah. I worked screaming listeners, right? I get it. I get that our jobs, awesome. But I screaming at the listener, I still feel like my nose is going to bleed because I'm so tired. I haven't been home and her an hour and a half into a podcast. Now. Yelling at ballistic impact dagger. Now I haven't been home in twelve days. I want I wanna lay down my bed, and I wanna play some fortnight, and I want to be a human being just for a second. I've run out of clothes. I have no idea. What I'm wearing to the office tomorrow. We've taking a nine AM train that gets back at twelve forty five. I have no idea what I'm wearing the office. I I'm wondering. I smell do you think the barista in my local deli thought thinks, I'd, I'd probably, I think my mom, my mom, who, like, when I go home. I don't even go back to my home home. I go back to my apartment, I don't really my parents, even think I exist anymore. They're gonna hit me with thyroid never coming back, man. Oh my that's gonna have. Anyway. Barista. Oh, yeah. They have that kind of accent. Yeah. No, the guy go to like Indian barista. Is that the so unarmed thinking of the one that we went to that was by our old off? Esra go Broadway deli. He's still go there. No, you have to your other like once a week say, hi. Wow. Breakfast sandwich. That guy. I can't understand a word that guy says it's not because of his accent. It's because he mumbles words you more. I've had unbelievable back and forth with him before I was, like, I get a beginning Jesus. We want what is it? What do I I, I learned that they have I don't know what you're saying? What do you want, like I like now, I knew that he was saying, what do you want on it? But he wouldn't he never once corrected. He just kept doing it the same way though. Yeah. That's my long hit at hard. I think they thought they might they're going to be stuck in. Hey, it's gonna be great moment. I'm already walking. It'd be all film it. Yeah. Well, whatever what I was about to walk out the door. But I remember we gotta do some other stuff. We do Falko done here. See hit hard. No..

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