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And you wanna know one thing. I don't understand man answer on me. Why is it that the housing market here is so expensive. Compared to somewhere like houston orlando like a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar house. Here is like fifty thousand in atlanta is crazy. You know you're right though man. I can't really gays like the perfect answer. That i mean like like i know like besides cost of living obviously you. Upstate is different in different areas for jobs in northern southern without. But i think like i think like besides california like a couple of the state's highest was in terms of pay her acres where land up here compared to everywhere else especially in the southern states man and his life money. Don't go nowhere near as far as do not sell like you down here somewhere like you know how like if you go to like mexico or something like that. He got twenty five thousand. Five hundred thousand euros. Eight is treated like a king built the little minia mini-fortress right nearby. We got great sweetie. Whatever you want twenty-five thousand because it's it's it's going to play that lose. Money is going to work for you now. I want to say if the two sides talking about money man. Because i was i was looking at some of stock related. Or whatever man you know. I bought a little bit of bitcoin without bitcoin itself but i bought like a crypto crypto currency. Whatever in the script a couple of months half ago it was. It was on upswing. What i'm saying mostly on the downswing. Whatever you it's pretty much all right now which is the perfect time to buy. But i didn't tell that story to say there's something moving in the universe in terms of money right now because there's a lot of big players cashing in a lot of chips would a lot of their of their Their businesses in their projects like oversold sold her stake. Own sixty million or something like that. Give or take you know. We'll wayne sold the masters nikki. Benagiano drake hundred meal is a lot of people on that. Got the money. That's that's basically cashing in their because it has to be a storm bruins. When next year at times the finances you know what it is but stocks have been dropping like crazy. It's something in play right now. you'll be so so the piggyback off their real quick berle reason why they doing it is because you know the taxes especially for they they tax bracket is supposed to go up. So it's smarter for them is smarter for them sale now and get they money versus in four years. They probably not even going to make a profit.

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