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I walk him into another episode of candid, coaches, conversations every single week you can find us live, streaming. Find us on all the audio platforms, and we got a great show for you again today with another group of assistant coaches and media members. And today's topic will be how college basketball with the landscape is changing with the addition of the G League ignite a year ago and now, overtime Elite. Yeah, this would be good. I mean, listen, we've had a bunch of of different topics and I will never run short four topics, but I felt like this week. A good one would be everybody's talking about, obviously a year ago is G League ignite, right? They signed Big Time Players even pulling those as well. Jalen green decides, he told me he was going to go to Auburn. I know he's told some other people that's gonna be Memphis, but he told me it was going to be Auburn. Instead, he goes straight leaking night and kaminga. I think God. Kentucky was in there for kaminga and dacian Nick's decides at the last minute, he signs with UCLA and now you've got over time of leave, you know this league that's taking sixteen eighteen year olds and giving them you know somewhere in the vicinity at least a hundred grand a piece. And from what I'm told, the Thompson Twins got five hundred grand a piece plus $150,000 signing bonus so they get paid real real money as high school kids. And I wanted to bring on guys that are going to be affected by this which all of you will because you're all recruiting the high-level guys are have been already or will be and Jeremy get your inside to of like how much is this really going to affect college hoops? I think it is I really do like G league night. I wasn't worked. It's like all right. You know what? Adam Silver, he's going to take five, maybe ten guys a year. No big deal. It's the same as it would have been years ago when kids were able to go high school to NBA. Now, you, you have those Thursday. We're Adam, Silver said, he doesn't want to get twenty or thirty two. Now, over time a lead which wants Thirty guys. Well, if they get Thirty guys in the Top fifty, which I think is a stretch, but if they somehow do 30 even have a hundred, how much does that drain? The talent so argue. Somebody talked me off the ledge one of you guys, whoever it is come out and tell me I'm crazy and we have nothing to worry about is.

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