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That's a lot of I don't know. God made man, I don't know if he really envisioned of seven put seven five guy running up and down the basketball court jumping up and down you know, three or four times a week. I don't know if that's what he envisioned a man doing. But somehow the body can do that you ask them awful lot for Joel Embiid. They lift Joel Embiid at two hundred and fifty pounds. They Joel Embiid. They said who the guy? The big I would them with Philly. Drag Moreau agreement Greg Monroe, they say Greg Monroe outweighs Doan be about fifteen pounds. Greg Monroe at sixty five. Join the B two fifty Joel Embiid headway to fifty six he was in high school. I problem. That's. But skills it took shooting basketball. None of looking that's no disrespect to those guys. Those guys are in the all time greats, but they couldn't shoot the ball. Like this kid can Hyun the bone. Lebron James can't shoot the ball. Like this kid can shoot the ball seriously. Seriously. Look LeBron is a career seventy four percent free throw shooter in again, he's improved some as three point shooter, lots some. But listen, he doesn't have the stroke in touch that. This giant man has full guess what? I know another guy that had a stroke in touch this giant. Hey. Yeah. Low Detroit man don't make for three or four hundred he'll jump and didn't try to get there. That's what I'm saying. So you always try to give I'm not going because I know we're here that they you try to drain a drag LeBron into this. And then I bring a Jordan. But either let you he to what I know. I'm going to resist the force. I'm going to resist the urge she's trying to point out. How extrordinary this guy is because the guy you still says the best player on the planet. Doesn't have this free throw touch. This man does Ackerman urge ally. So by that. Pass right Gedi. I dunno where you today. Jimmy, where I'm going where I don't know where are you going? Jim. It brunch. Skipping. I didn't get him from the show. Oh. No, no. I just didn't wanna bug you guys on a Friday plans. What did you tell me, Jamie? Oh, I knew you were going out of town. So that's why scheduled today. Did you did say that? Okay. It's good planning. Skip. I didn't. I'm sorry. I didn't. But I would love to take. You earn one day though. You'll go don't go say, okay. Go. Wow. Insane. We'll pack the of. Hey, guys, Jenny Taft here with a quick word from mattress firm. We get it. Sometimes it's necessary to stay up late for the big game..

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