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And as part of our courage to that, I was going through all the penalty incidents for gasly and apart from the obviously the infamous now infamous crane incident in Japan. He's been pinged 5 seconds every time. So for stroll to get a ten second penalty, I think reflects quite how dimly disturbed sort of that particular piece of driving. As for the alpines, first off credit to Alonzo one almighty save on the first lap when he went wide over there sort of serrated kerb. I've watched the replays now several times. I just can't work out if the two cars do touch on the first lap. You know, it looks like a mega save from Alonso for opposite locker. I just can't work out whether there's a bit of contact wheel to wheel if there's not then that's a proper save. On the second incident between the alpines, you know, going up the hill, again I've sat on that a few times, I've watched the replays and ocon, he makes his move quite early on coming out of what is still the last corner even though it's not a proper corner. It's flat out. So although he said after the event, I wasn't aware Alonso was there. It very much looks like he's taking a more defensive line. But I think Alonso, if he is coming from behind on your teammate, you can afford to give a bit more room. So I know that that sort of me sitting on the fence in terms of who was directly at fault in both. But what I can't say is you can't touch your teammate once, let alone twice. So both sort of needs a heads knocking together. I suppose for whatever better phrase, it was a poor incident. But less clear cut than the Aston Martin won for me. Well, it certainly made for an eventful F one sprint, but it was George Russell obviously taking the way and that means he'll line up on pole position for tomorrow's Brazilian Grand Prix. Matt, thank you very much for joining me tonight and yeah, we will see you all tomorrow for our Brazilian Grand Prix, race, review, podcast, promises to be a really exciting race out into Lagos to track always throws up an interesting one. So make sure you join us then and stay tuned to all spot forward of the news analysis and reaction from Suarez race.

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