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Com or something like that or or winning has built in however scored even has a little guy little guy. Yes however you're I mean. I think that you're taking fate out of your own hands into an algorithm and I don't like that as much that's just me and I like the way dice look. They're pretty yeah so I'll talk like when we talk about dice there are cheap dies yes assets and usually though like the cheap dice and the reason physical dies are not perfect because no machined item ever made by anybody has been one hundred percent perfect and you know we talk about okay so a d twenty. There's twenty options and so if you wrote word roll it I don't know thousand times you'd expect it to basically be like even results or a reasonable duration of whatever right this is now a statistics podcast. Yeah we talk statistics so usually what happens with some of the JEAPARDISE is they tend to lean towards some numbers show up a little more weight add a little bit right because Deisler dice are made by making like a shape and then they also carbon the numbers into it and all these little things the fuck up the weight every it's a mold and it's made out resin and humans make it usually so there's a standard things things and so yeah stay inside of it like glitter and that can also affect it to be able to check how waited housed role one hundred times or something and all you put it on water. See how it floats shoutout to Charissa who is such therapist at Verde organic body would not. I don't know if she has a handle this to plug or something like that. Hopefully she's listening. She said that you're supposed to roll your dice. Mike One Hundred or two hundred times or something right down the number right down the number and then like if any number stands out like way too much. It's obviously but then that makes a lot of times lucky. Could I said it's like okay. Well twenty showed up like eighty percent of the time. So you know good now that I will say. I don't think that there's a specific dice that I have. I have like I mean maybe like ten. De Twenties that I use rotation. There are none that feels specifically waited. There are some that are good on some nights. Some that are get another nights most expensive ones 'cause they're always cut so I was gonNA say so like we're talking physical before jump into you which physical dyson like the best. I'll just say the good thing on digital dice is they are like truly random like computer outlay the most truly random but I think our friend ended really random means that yeah you're going to role. Sometimes they literally role shit almost all the time like I don't think I ever see even twenty yeah but they're like ninety nine point nine nine nine thousand nine nine nine nine nine more okay with the outcome of a game if you control it with the dice is still feet but it still feels like you're up doing something about the sword in your hand when we recommend we definitely recommend buying dice but not everybody can spend a ton of money. which is the unfortunate thing because I will say the more you spend the better they will be in that my level up dice which we talked about before yeah Josh favorite days? I basically no other dice anymore. I mean I roll really well with that but I'll say I do also have level updates with the cage fines and so they end up getting cocked very often. They're very pretty. I think my next purchase my treat yourself. Purchase is going to be a some level of yeah dice but I do have other ones that are pretty good like chess dice and I think that they're great brand that generally get seven seven to nine dollars or less. If you go to like your local game store they probably have six days like some of them are good somewhere like basically the draw with them but yeah again there's books exactly and I do think some of the other ones I would kind of recommend command if you're looking for dice is like game science dice. Those specifically are like they test the they make sure that everything is pretty close to being random and they my favorite thing to find in some dice which you don't find in Essex dice very often are hard edges like very Chris veges versus rounded edges on your decides you get those on these aluminum dice by level La you get the game science. Jessica is a little bit more rounded you also get them with. I think it's lucky hand ice which are very those guys. I've talked about in another episode. I haven't gotten any but they're really beautiful and they are those like hard. Edges yeah actually posted pictures of our level updates on our blog posts by Jeffrey D._M.. Yeah so definitely go check that out and you'll see how extremely pretty these days are to like like all dies. They always use you something to make them cool looking but I think that's another thing I like about level. Love is that they just like Jesse's dice our nightly themed or his favorite D._C.. superheroes yes indeed to make sure you don't. I need dice <hes> again so Viele cuter and you have your like you know character sheet up on it and then you WanNa get like you know digital dice. You just want to feed late. One thing is we got ipad specifically four and we use them four and I tried to draw and I just I'm not gonNA we're better but it's very convenient like we were to go to somebody and go to game. Yeah we were to go. Somebody's place for a game we just pop that in our bag right so much easier than popular and stuff like that and you're just like okay a little dice roller and you can have your character sheet and you're ready to play basically a moans knows exactly but if you do decide to get physical dice I'll say one accessory. That's really nice to add to your physical dice dice so you know what I what I used to do back. In the day when I was a kid was play and we'd roll dice on the table top and everybody's losing dice airlines ended up on the ground. You know plus you. There might be cheeto dust. They don't eat cheetos celery instead celery strings. That's about all over the place in your like trying to roll and it gets booked up so dice trae is super handy. It's definitely not necessary and they actually make as far as like so. How do you care your dice around right that they make dice? What we have some cool we also posted yes? I'm not but they have like dice trays that collapsed like up and become a little carrying thing for your <hes> your dice and whatever else which you know we saw some really cool ones that emerald city comecon what they were they were super awesome yeah and you know they're like little poor bolt like so another thing is rolling your dice dice towers people talk about Super Nice. We don't have a dice tower not but yeah they're like like built in dice towers and dice trays all built into one and you can store your dyson. I and you can bring it in your backpack. Go and that's something that works for you and how you play again. If it's your first game you're still even trying to figure out what you like yeah. You don't mean this stuff. You don't need sites so many accessories. I think that dice are fun thing to just bring with you anyways. I mean they're so small that if you don't end up playing very often it's not gonna take up much room and you're not gonNA spend that much money. If you don't want to seven haven't set chest six days seven nine bucks or whatever on Amazon Yeah and you can get tomorrow and they're low look pretty cool and you know maybe have a good time because you're playing with your dice and like you might shit in real funny it's too. I think that's a big thing like what is the full dungeons and dragons experience. I think it's not too I liked on on dice like so like how does it actually go. You know like I ask you yeah. I ask you to roll something and like you know if you're not rolling physical dykes. You're not going to get that. You know what I mean where it's like. I need you to roll initiative. Yeah I know yeah who've got to chill because yeah you want me to actually you're part of our initiative to so you take it to you twenty and you roll. It get got fifteen. I don't know what three eighteen I don't oh character and playing and listen here's a twenty I've so much I gotTa Nat Twenty Twenty. Keep.

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