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The Tom leykis show by using our Amazon dot com. Links to do your everyday shopping. You know, you'll be shopping Amazon anyway for the low prices, whether you're at home or at work, why not pay the same low, Amazon prices and support your favorite show at the same time. Amazon offers super low prices on books, clothing appliances music, just about anything, you can imagine. And we get credit every time you click on our Amazon licks look for the Amazon banner at our website blow me up Tom dot com or click on the shopping cart icon to shop Amazon on our brand new Tom leykis show app. Sheldon returning in being part of the program. Our final. Show on this free live twenty four seven street. Away from this Thursday. It's Thursday, October twenty fifth following that content will be a podcast for subscribers like many of you already subscribing. So you'll just keep getting shows away. You always have except you won't be able to press the play button and listened to the press the play button must win anytime you like and you'll get at the same location. Tom dot com. If you are not a subscriber and you enjoy money mandate. We're gonna continue talking about money, but only board subscribers and that's a premium Tom dot com. Sign up if you have any questions Baba's alive..

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