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It's not Cleveland or Miami. You're gonna get treated and talked about it away that seems so foreign, but it's not necessarily unfair. Right. And that's the word like stuff comes with the territory, and you can you whatever cliche. You want to use the wind blows the heart top of the hill. This that I mean, he's been there. He's occupied a rare space, and it is interesting with the passing of Michael. But in the context of a game in which they're getting destroyed they come back and make it competitive, and then ended up losing a lot. And he got Rondo sitting spot away from the team. And he's like, you know, I did this bunch of nobody noticed it. Now. It's a big deal. Everything is a big deal now. Because now we've got this different lens on it of the finality of season which will include the ball in the playoffs at this age where he hasn't shown great regressions player. I mean, he's still continues to be as good as anyone. But it's it's more to me about who who's interested in in being part of of this storyline moving forward with him. And what's the what's the toll on these young guys? 'cause like. It's easy to look at the young generation of guys. You know, the, you know, the social media presence and you ask okay? What's important to them? And they've been part of a bad Lakers team around was supposed to come into the magic perfume made everything smell better. And it's dead. It's almost you know, the word toxic. It's overused, but there's some toxically here. And and I think it's reasonable to say man, if you're one of those guys you probably be really pumped out about what what you thought you were going to be part of versus what the reality of being included in. It was. Yeah. All of that. All that makes sense. I can't imagine being one of those dudes. And sometimes it's easy. But whatever your LeBron not those guys, I'm. I'm very certain that younger guys look at LeBron differently going like, all right? Awesome. But. Gamut guys. Delta guys, do we get there for down or do we just Al Fayed? 'cause I'm I wanna know like who the gamma delta Epsilon guy. Like, hey, I'm an Epsilon guy every year. I've just I've just happy to get a jersey and some of those cool socks. Are we talking about white fraternities or black fraternities? I'm talking about the whole Greek system where I place the whole system. I don't see color. I just I'm just happy to be part of Greek life. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. What is it delta? I think it's pretty much alpha invaded. I think we know that it's kinda like just kinda laughing myself about that. 'cause it isn't it isn't had ever the Greek alphabet. I I went through and alpha. Bama alpha beta gamma, delta Epsilon eight I would've capital voters. I woke up, and then I get gets fuzzy in rose something something, right? Wow. That was pretty good. Do it to cook. I was. To. I just think about anything that you went through hazing. Don't laugh. This is important. Nothing crew was it was critically important. All this all to people. Yeah. Get eaten dipped and all that horrible stuff. I know him. I think. We want to be one of the clippers gonna get everybody in the free agency in the summer in the Lakers are gonna strike out. Right. If if I were betting based on the rumor thing right now, which means the stuff can change..

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